VT-ARRIVA is a key service provider company on the Hungarian market of public transportation. It has four sites and operates the most up-to-date and recent fleet of buses in Hungary.

As a company run by one private owner, it has been present on the Hungarian market of public transportation in the capital city of Budapest since 1999 when its formal offer for local services was accepted in the framework of a tender procedure put out by BKV. The success of the public competition was due to two key factors. On the one hand, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development made a decision for market deregulation in the field of public transportation. On the other hand, the BKV Transport Company’s vehicles were obsolete. Consequently, this situation provided new service providers with an opportunity to get market shares. Since May 2012, our company has been offering its services as a public transportation subcontractor of BKK. The number of passengers reaches 300 million people every year in the capital city.

In addition to Budapest, it also operates local bus lines in the city of Székesfehérvár as a subcontractor of the regional Transport Centre of North-West Hungary (KNYKK). It also provides regular bus line services for commuting workers of different companies whose production units are situated in suburban industrial zones.

Our business strategy is based on a competitive pricing policy and a user-friendly service portfolio with the aim of keeping and increasing our market share.