Since the economic changes started in 1989, Székesfehérvár has become a major industrial centre in the Middle-West region of Hungary, attracting a large number of productive investments from abroad. Thanks to these projects, a great number of international companies have opened production units in this area. As a consequence, a need arose for regular and good quality services for transporting commuting workforce. 

Our company was founded under the name of VT-Transman Kft in 1998 by Videoton Holding Zrt, the biggest private group of that period of time. It changed its name in 2013 and has been called VT-ARRIVA since then. Since its foundation, our company has undergone several major changes affecting its ownership structure. These changes resulted in bigger stability and greater reliability.

In 2008, Arriva, which is a world-famous international group operating in the field of public transportation, became our company’s new minority shareholder. In 2010, Arriva was directly bought by the German State-run group Deutsche Bahn (DB). Thanks to this operation, VT-Arriva has become able to rely on two important and financially stable groups (DB and Videoton Holding) that guarantee a successful management in the long run.