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Data protection declaration

By applying to the job advertisements and the database of  VT-Arriva Kft. the user automatically accepts this data protection declaration when voluntarely sends his or her CV or application, and accepts that VT-ARRIVA Kft. (registration number 07-09-006293 ) processes his/her personal data (hereinafter the „Personal Data”) including among others their gathering, storing, arrangement, keeping, querying, extraction, compilation, use and deletion in order to render the Personal Data available for third parties who use the Personal Data for looking for labour force (hereinafter the "Data Users"). 

The user takes notice of the fact that entering his/her Personal Data into the Database will not provide him/her any copyright regarding the Database, however he/she will be entitled to ask VT-ARRIVA Kft. to modify, complete or update the Personal Data entered into the Database at the e-mail address, or to delete it in an email sent to e-mail address. 

The user takes notice of the fact that if VT-ARRIVA Kft. has a reasonable suspicion or the Personal Data entered by the user into the Database clearly shows that it contains false information or information contrary to conventional practices or ethical norms, VT-ARRIVA Kft. will be entitled to delete the Personal Data from the Database.  

The user takes notice of the fact that by including the Personal Data into its Database VT-ARRIVA Kft. does not undertake any obligation as to ensuring a job for the user or contact with people looking for labour force.

The user accepts that VT-ARRIVA Kft. sends regular electronic newsletters to him/her in which it informs him/her about the current job proposals and other opportunities. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, you may indicate it by sending an e-mail to e-mail address.

Data managing informationHYPERLINK "".

Registration and management of personal data

VT-ARRIVA Kft. will do its best effort to keep the data owned by it secret and to comply with the requirements of data safety, however it cannot undertake liability for the publication of the data due to a possible vis maior event.

Personal data will be kept in the records and managed according to the prescriptions of Act no. CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information and Act no. CXIX of 1995 on the Use of Name and Address Information Serving the Purpose of Research and Direct Marketing.

VT-ARRIVA Kft.'s registration identifications of data management and its details – as declared to the data safety records kept by the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom – can be seen on the website of the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom.
The entered data will be deleted by VT-ARRIVA Kft. from its records if the conditions of data storage based on law or any other legal title do not exist anymore.

Other data protection information
The website may contain references or links to websites operated by other service providers where  VT-ARRIVA Kft. has no control over the practices regarding the handling of Personal Data. We would like to call our visitors' attention to the fact that if they click on a link, they will visit other service providers' website. These websites are not and cannot be under VT-ARRIVA Kft.'s control, therefore VT-ARRIVA Kft. will not undertake any liability for the data communication on these websites and the procedures relating to personal rights.
Using the services of the website will be considered as acceptance of data handling and data storage.

Other provisions

VT-ARRIVA Kft. made all expected and reasonable efforts in order to ensure that all information, data and definition communicated on its Internet website be comprehensive and accurate at the moment of its upload. However it will not undertake any warranty for the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information provided on the website and the topicality of the entered data. It will be entitled to modify or reshape its websites at any time or to limit or delete their accessibility.

VT-ARRIVA Kft. does not guarantee the continuous and error-free access to the websites. VT-ARRIVA Kft. expressively excludes all liability for any damage and/or loss arising from the accessibility of the website and the information, documentation or any other written materials, their direct or indirect utilisation, the nonusable state of the website or its inappropriate operation, lack or possible breakdown or ambiguity.