Our company has been present as a service supplier in Budapest’s public transportation network since 1999, first as a subcontractor of BKV, then - since 2012 - as a subcontractor of BKK. In 2012, it tendered successfully for operating 75 single buses and 75 double buses during 8+2 years, put out in common by BKK’s (Budapest Transport Centre’s) and BKV’s (Budapest Transport Company’s), as part of the capital’s public transportation services. In 2013, 150 brand new Mercedes-Benz Citaro 2 buses were put in service in the Budapest public transportation network in 3 stages.

More recently, after a successful tender put out by BKK for another period of 8+2 years of public service in the capital city’s transportation network, VT-ARRIVA has been operating another set of 75 MAN Lion’s City A21 buses and 120 Mercedes-Benz Conecto G buses, put in service before the end of spring 2016.

Current map of public transport service in Budapest

Szolgaltatasi terkep31 January 2016 


The company became a subcontractor of the Transport Centre of the Middle-West (former name: Alba Volan Zrt) in 2007 after successfully tendering for operating two bus line services. A new tender was put out in 2008 for 10 more lines. As our company’s formal written offer was the winner, it could extend its local transportation services. Since VT-ARRIVA tendered successfully as a subcontractor of Alba Volán Zrt for regular local transport services in 2010, it has been operating 2 local bus lines in Székesfehérvár (bus line no 26 and bus line no 26A).